Priscilla enjoys teaching group classes and seminars geared toward helping people live their best lives, remove blockages, reach their next level personally and professionally and / or become more conscious parents or family members to bring out the best in those around them.

Spiritual Conscious Parenting Seminar



9:30 AM



At home of Doris & Moshe Javidzad

527 N. Hillcrest Road

Beverly Hills, CA 90210



$10 per session, limited space, please call or email to RSVP

If you’re interested in having Priscilla lead a group or seminar, please call (424) 262-6028 or Email: to discuss the possibilities.

Shalom Energy Healing

Priscilla Melekhshalom Kashani
Los Angeles, California 90049, USA

Energy healing sessions with Priscilla can be held at her Brentwood office, your location, via Skype, Facetime or phone.

Please call (424) 262-6028, email or fill out this contact form to set up an appointment.

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