Kabbalistic Astrologer

Sometimes wholeness can only begin when you get down to the root.

My quest to bring the best therapeutic resources to my clients has led me to a source that offers the perfect tool to enable a client to see the big picture while also uncovering the hidden dynamics underlying current life issues.

That tool is Kabbalistic Astrology.

Over the last 2,000 years, Kabbalist sages passed down from generation to generation, the methods to help us understand how our present life’s story is part of a continuum based on previous life choices that we come back to correct, restore and repay.

The day we are born, a blue print has already be designed by the configuration of stars and planets in the sky, whose energies compel us to move through life along a pre-determined path where we will encounter issues we have ignored, talents we under-utilized, gifts we failed to share and life experiences denied us in a previous life.

Thus, we are given the opportunity to redeem our past, re-construct a new version of our best selves, and hopefully find the divine spark within that can free us to lead a life of unparalleled fulfillment.

However, without a guide, or mentor to help direct us to our right path, we run the risk of living life again with gifts unrealized. Learning to master techniques used by these ancient kabbalists to interpret the birth chart of an individual to bring to life its potential pitfalls and possibilities, to ensure happiness, became a sacred mission.

After many months of training and with the approval of my guides who taught me all they knew, I am proud to add this exciting dimension to the variety of tools I utilizes to get to the heart of each client’s concerns. The outcome is a greater sense of clarity and confidence to move out in a new direction in order to realize a more authentic and true roadmap toward a brighter future.

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