Kabbalistic Numerology

Kabbalistic Numerology is focused on the spiritual and non-physical existence of the soul. It originated from the Hebrew alphabet and is an ancient and mystical system. In her work with her clients, Priscilla taps into the wealth of insight and awareness that comes from Kabbalistic Numerology. Through Kabbalistic Numerology, Priscilla guides her clients to connect to their inner source and power and find meaning and knowledge for elevated self-discovery. Kabbalistic Numerology is an excellent means of learning more about one’s nature, behaviors, preferences and can provide a roadmap on what necessitates more healing within the client’s life. With the gift of Kabbalistic Numerology, Priscilla’s clients become aligned with their soul’s purpose and find a true path to embark on. A path of light, wholeness, meaning and healing.
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Feel that you’re meant to fulfill something BIGGER or make more impact in your life? Ready to awaken your soul’s unique purpose and strengthen your innate gifts? Feel like obstacles are wearing you down or keep getting in the way?

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