“Nothing is impossible. The word itself says “I’m possible.”
~Audrey Hepburn

Infertility Healing

Are you yearning for motherhood?
Are your IVF treatments unsuccessful?
Are you experiencing spiritual, mental or emotional blockages that are
preventing you from producing eggs or becoming pregnant?

Priscilla finds tremendous satisfaction in working with women who have tried, with no success, to become pregnant. Her clients come to her after seeking out every traditional and holistic means to achieve motherhood; IVF treatments, Acupuncture, medication, specialists.

When these women approach Priscilla, they have given up on the hope of ever becoming pregnant and raising a child that they bore.

Priscilla works intuitively with these women locating the blockages that are preventing them from becoming pregnant. She removes the blockages, reprograms their mindset, helps them find faith, and restores them to calmness. Priscilla utilizes multiple healing methodologies in her work with her clients all of which facilitate healing and desired outcomes.

Hope has been restored and with this newfound healing, Priscilla’s clients go on to achieve that which they thought had never been possible – becoming pregnant and reaching motherhood.

Priscilla stays at the side of her clients every step of the way, ensuring that they are embraced
and supported until the moment they give birth and her assistance and care is no longer needed. Priscilla welcomes the opportunity to work with her client’s spouses to remove any blockages they face and guide them towards healing and fertility.

new mother holding precious new born baby feet
newborn baby feet. Baby born after trouble getting pregrant

Are you trying to freeze your eggs?
Are the eggs you are producing unhealthy?
Do you dream of one day becoming a mother?

Priscilla works with women who are investing time, energy, and resources into preserving their eggs but not achieving success. The journey to reach fertility can be a daunting, arduous, expensive task and when it continues to fail, hopes are dashed and dreams are gone.

With a breadth of knowledge, extensive experience and warm, compassionate disposition, Priscilla employs various healing methodologies to enable these women to preserve healthy eggs.

Rejuvenated, energized and with Priscilla standing by them, the client’s journey changes route and the dream of motherhood becomes attainable.


“Priscilla is kind, calm, and professional. She helped me prepare for a successful IVF transfer. Together, we worked on clearing out negative energy in my body from past traumatic experiences, leaving me feeling more empowered and fully prepared for motherhood. As a Board Certified Hypnotherapist myself, I truly believe that Theta Healing is a powerful healing modality. Priscilla is a gifted and authentic channeler of Divine energy. I am very grateful for her.”

Los Angeles

“I went to Priscilla when I was emotionally and physically exhausted. We were trying to get pregnant and something would happen that would either delay or make it more difficult for us to get pregnant. I was dealing with a health issue when I got introduced to her.

I was hopeless, disappointed, and had no faith. Not only was she very supportive, but she also helped me to get and stay positive through my long journey and have faith. She was with us every step of the way. I’m currently full-term and can’t wait to hold my baby. 

I loved the meditations we would do. I really feel like something is missing when I do not have a session with her. She’s the one who guided me through my path and was always available.

She is the one I always call now when I’m not sure about something and need a different perspective. She’s truly an angel and we are so happy to have her in our lives.”

Los Angeles

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Feel like obstacles are wearing you down or keep getting in the way?

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Priscilla Melekhshalom Kashani
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