Healing Recovery From Cults

For individuals who find themselves in the framework of a cult and lack the strength to leave, Priscilla gently guides and supports these clients through the process of building their fortitude and finding inner resources to bring themselves to safety and serenity. 

In addition, Priscilla provides supportive coaching for individuals who have once lived in a cult and have since left, and nurtures them back to wellness, taking them from a place of victimhood to survivorship.  

For all these clients, once safety has been established, Priscilla engages the clients in finding their true Selves and rebuilding their lives and restoring their sanctity and wellbeing.

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Feel that you’re meant to fulfill something BIGGER or make more impact in your life? Ready to awaken your soul’s unique purpose and strengthen your innate gifts? Feel like obstacles are wearing you down or keep getting in the way?

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Priscilla Melekhshalom Kashani
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Shalom Energy Healing

Energy healing sessions can be held at Priscilla's Brentwood office, your location, via Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, WhatsApp, or phone.
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