Certified Theta Healer®

Certified Conscious Parenting Method™ Coach

Certified Kabbalistic Astrologer & Numerologist

You often hear a journey is made up of a thousand steps.

My journey toward awakening to the call to be a healer began at an early age with my desire and passion for making a positive change in the world by helping others.

It took a series of personal challenges in my life to teach me the value and importance of having a healing coach to guide me toward true authenticity and emotional healing.

My studies in spirituality and Kabbalah, as well as many healing modalities over a decade, structured a firm foundation to support my vision, and gain the courage to question a path as an accountant and begin to honor my potential as a professional healer and coach. Finally, it was mastering my health issues, and overcoming the loss of close family members that sealed a commitment to devote myself to a healing profession where I could use the wisdom I had gained to help others heal.

I am honored and pleased to offer my services in a uniquely integrated format that combines: ThetaHealing® methodologies, Conscious Parenting Method™ Coaching, Kabbalistic Numerology and Astrology, integrated meditation, breathwork, energy healing, life-coaching, and more, to help elevate your capacity for wholeness to lead a happier, more fulfilling life.

Shalom Energy Healing is ready to create an individualized program for you to help elevate your life by letting go of what is holding you back and preventing you from moving forward and stepping into your greatness.

Priscilla has clients both in Los Angeles, where she is based for in-person consultations, and around the world via phone, Zoom, WhatsApp or Skype.

Shalom Energy Healing

Priscilla Melekhshalom Kashani
Los Angeles, California 90049, USA

Shalom Energy Healing

Energy healing sessions can be held at Priscilla's Brentwood office, your location, via Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, WhatsApp, or phone.
Contact her to set up an appointment.

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